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 Set in the Spring of 1974, 5 EAST BROADWAY is a colorful, semi-autobiographical coming of age film, with an urban, multi-cultural dynamic. With the exception of being teased by boys in her class for dreaming too big, Charlene McKinley, leads a near idyllic life on a North Carolina farm until her great-grandparents are killed in an automobile accident. After being forced to live alone by her demented grandmother, she escapes the negligent abuse to live with her mother in a Westchester County, New York village. She’s a ‘fish in the desert’ from the minute she arrives, struggling to adapt to a cramped 3-room apartment with her mother, cousin & siblings, as well as learning to fit in amongst her more sophisticated teenage peers. Fraught with pressure from inner city life, including the murder of her mother’s boyfriend who nurtured her, she finds inspiration performing in a play written by her Irish drama teacher who’s fled the Northern Ireland Civil Rights riots. After his extradition, Charlene restores the relationship with her mother they both have longed for.

 ROCKET LOVE is a ‘tragi-comedy’ that chronicles the dysfunctional romanticism of 3 airline pilots, until their quest for true love requires greater sacrifice. The old school Donnie is eager to retire and fish the intercoastal waterways with his younger vegan girlfriend and toddler son, until he’s faced with ‘reimagining himself’ or lose his “baby loves”. Meanwhile, a quietly desperate Mack struggles to stretch his meager salary between child support and saving the family farm, while dancing between his affections for a female pilot, and a cute rich girl who can help his career, until a near-death experience unearths his courageous heart. Then there’s Gerald, whose selfish entitlement catches up with him when he falls for a girl who won’t enable his irresponsibility.

On the surface, BODY BY BRET is a comedy series about an ensemble of misfits working at an exclusive gym. But at its core, through “a secret conceit unnamed here” the show is about the inner fears & insecurities we all have, the power they can wield in our lives and the extent some will go hide, fix or make them go away, without dealing with the core problem. Much like “Seinfeld” or “Sex & the City” each character has a misbehavior that (along with our ‘secret conceit’) weaves layers of laugh & surprises into each episode.

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