“Nouns in the Road”

NOUNS IN THE ROAD is an ongoing photography project in which I’ve been “chronicling the faces, places & spaces of my terrestrial quest” since I was 8 years old, when my Grandpa Sonny brought me a camera from his junk shop in Newark. After two small private shows in Los Angeles, I received a 35-piece show at the African-American Cultural Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Subtitled “A Place Called Home”, the 3-month exhibition was comprised of photographs of and essays about the rural Wade, NC community where I grew up.  More recent photos include quests to Germany, France, Arizona mountains, Hawaiian beaches and Tennessee farms. My collectors include celebrities and prominent business people around the country.  I have also created a line of elegant blank cards featuring these photographs that have sold well to people who like wonderful mementos for themselves, or to share with loved ones.

For more “Nouns…” WATCH Below and  CLICK HERE!

2 Responses to “Nouns in the Road”

  1. Dwan Avent says:

    I was feeling this song and the pictures. Nouns in the Road is great work!

  2. Looks like a great project. I want to see more!

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