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 P.N.O.K. (Primary Next of Kin) is inspired by and dedicated to the men and women who risk and sacrifice their lives serving in our military. But P.N.O.K. isn’t about politics, it’s about people. This powerful short film looks at the personal toll that war has on soldiers and those who love them.

P.N.O.K. chronicles a day in the life of two soldiers on notification detail. They must inform the families of three soldiers that their loved one has been killed in action. Slowly, as they comfort a devastated grandmother; as they inform a retired officer that he’s lost his only son; and finally, as they tell a mother and her daughter that the father she’s missing will not be coming home, they undergo a transformation. Both men are forever changed by the experience.


Music video: FINALLY HERE for Nashville Film Festival’s Livin’ Reel Program


Music video: RUN featuring Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Shannon Sanders

Nashvile Film Festival Youth Outreach Film: WHO’S REAL?

5 EAST BROADWAY Stills Promo for Feature Film


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